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The Second Floor (T2F) Annual Fundraising Campaign 2015

‘Without fuss and fanfare…we have enabled the creative fantasies of umpteen artists, actors, musicians, comedians, poets, and writers. We have been generous with our space and our time. We have remained fiercely independent.’ – Sabeen Mahmud 1974-2015

The Second Floor (T2F) Annual Fundraising Campaign 2015

Rs. 3000 only! – An annual contribution, merely Rs. 8.2 per day, will give The Second Floor (T2F) the fuel they need to keep going. Please spread the word. Tell your friends and family. Strangers too. This will only work if thousands of people pitch in.

What are you investing in?

  • Alternative Education – Talks, Symposia, Lecture-Demos, Film Screenings, Workshops, Jaras
  • Playground & Incubator for Creative Expression – Theatre, Concerts, Spoken Word, Standup Comedy, Dramatic Readings, Art, Photography, Design & Technology Showcases
  • Preservation and Promotion of Cultural Traditions – Eastern Classical Music, Traditional Qavvaali, Mushaerahs & Poetry, Storytelling, Production & Dissemination of Rare & Archival Content, Regional Arts & Crafts
  • Science, Reason and Rationality – Science Ka Adda, Philosophy 101 & Reading Club, Science Ka Adda +
  • Activism and Advocacy – Baat-Cheet (India/Pakistan Dialogue), Raahnuma, SparkPlug, 50 Ways to Get Political, Neighborhood Engagement, Civic Engagement, Nafrat Aggregator
  • Mentoring and Counseling – Students, Emerging Creative Community, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Startups

For details, click here http://www.t2f.biz/cometogether/

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