The Unseen World (Winds of Change ‘2019 Mega Event) at YCK

Youth Club WOC`19 MEGA EVENT.

THE UNSEEN WORLD – Reality of Shaytaan, Dajjal, Jinns & Black Magic

There is a reality beyond our own existence. Things that are inexplicable to the human mind yet very real and often very scary.

Does the world of the unseen fascinate you?

To separate fact from fiction, learn all about the stuff you thought only existed in your wildest imaginations.

Date: 31st March 2019, Sunday
Timings: 9:00am – 1:30pm
Venue: Marriott Hotel Karachi
Ticket price: Rs. 500/- only.
Event Link:
For Further information: +92 332 3623558 , +92 332 3989464

Open for all

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