The Wedding Affair 2014 – Band. Baaja. Baraat!

For the past month we have been covering the wedding dos and don’ts- bringing to your notice the best services available in Defence and Clifton because with the never ending wedding season in tow, it is just never enough.

Brides, bridegrooms and families pick out the themes and pool in all resources and effort to make the wedding exactly how the couple wanted it to be. Not an easy task for sure- there are the photographers, jewelers, designers, shoes stores, themes and wedding planners to choose from- it is a never ending list of work and choices.

For that matter the choice of picking the best catering services and wedding planners is magnanimous. So, basically all the work and choices related to and for the wedding hold great value because it is these choices which will eventually create a fine line between a memorable wedding or one that could be an absolute nightmare. There is a lot of running around for the wedding preparations- enlisting the best planners definitely means a huge load off the back, but the final decisions have yet to be made with a consensus.

The Wedding Affair 2014 - Band. Baaja. Baraat!

Today, actual wedding planners are scarce and it is the catering services companies which have taken over every bit of preparation for the wedding. Some of these companies have succeed in creating a name for themselves, finally becoming a force to be reckoned with, while most other scrape through on the margins.

An advantage for the not so well known catering services company is the little knowledge the clients have about the arrangement; a pre-set album of previously done wedding décor and a fancy Facebook page accompanied by a glossy advertisement in a monthly magazine are just enough to lure clients. Works well for so many catering companies, but the wedding couple or the family may be disappointed.

The wedding cannot be postponed neither can the budgets be altered greatly to work with the finest wedding planners in town- so what is the solution? It certainly does not mean settling for some mediocre wedding setup because in the moderate budget limits, a great wedding can be hosted with all the shenanigans.

Why deprive the couple of the best when it can be arranged so well and complete. So how about if all the elements which make up a wedding come under one roof? Kind of like-designers, best catering services, wedding planners, home décor, jewelers and invitation card designers – all in one place.

Now such an event would be the best thing to happen for any families with upcoming weddings, on the spot discussions, ideas and themes to choose from. No , not a dreamy situation, without further ado let us introduce to you The Wedding Affair.

The Wedding Affair will be held at The Palm on the 19th and 20th of April 2014 from 10 am till 10 pm. The best part-it is only for families; thus families can now plan a hangout while planning the best wedding ever.

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