The Wedding Fiesta (Shaadi Week) 2014 at Emerald Tower

Shopping is not just about going to malls and buying what one likes, it is should be an exhilarating experience- encompassing all senses and taking away all worries and woes. A few years ago, malls were scarce in Karachi, of those which were present; they were packed day in and day out. Shopping was anything but enjoyable.

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Visitors would have to endure reckless behavior from people, elbowing and shoving to enter shops and the constant verbal wars. This is certainly not enjoyable and definitely not at all worth it. God help the customers and shop keepers, when it would be a national holiday or a religious festival coming up; people would swarm in by the truck load, staying out till late in the night. They would either just linger around the food courts or stop at outlets for window shopping, not in the least bit beneficial for the shopkeeper. Thus malls became hang outs. What was needed was an entertainment of sorts which would keep them busy and enticed while generating booming business.

Thus started the revolutionary events across malls in Karachi; these events began before a festival or a season, increasing the customer inflow by ten folds whilst booming business at the same time. Easier said than done, this is a magnanimous task to begin with. The event planning requires moths of pre planning and coordination to make it successful, because God forbid in case the event fails- customers are likely to spread words faster than a forest on fire.

The Emerald Tower located at II Talwar is one of the malls which have come forward with brilliant events, drawing people by the scores. Because the number of malls in Karachi have increased, each mall is now in direct competition with the other, as to which has the greatest customer influx.

Recently Shaadi Week was under way at The Emerald Tower, in relation to the wedding festivals which begin from the month of December till late March. The catch to this grand event: nothing. Visitors were offered free entry to the mall besides which was free mehndi (henna) applications for the ladies and young girls.

Families with upcoming weddings were offered personalized consultation about the wedding cards by the professionals- advices worth a million in making the special day memorable. Decorations were similar to those of a traditional Pakistani wedding; bright colours were spread all around. Dupattas, traditional jewellery and ornaments made it look all the more authentic.

Furthermore brides and grooms were given complimentary gift baskets as well. Families flocked to The Emerald Tower in scores with the bride and grooms to avail this wonderful opportunity. The best part being every member found something interesting for themselves, whether clothes, jewellery or henna applications. Weddings would be incomplete without bangles; thus a lot of women made way straight to the stalls. The sight of seeing happy customers was one of pure joy and happiness.

The Shaadi Festival at The Emerald Tower was one big success for the start of the year 2014. All those who missed out stay tuned for any-other event.

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