The wisdom of Spiritual Sufi Poetry in Turbulent Times at T2F

The Second Floor present to you an evening of Spiritual Sufi Poetry. Experience the calmness of its verse and rhythm through an engaging discussion, and musical performance ft. Ayesha Nadir Ali, with Naila Mahmood.

About the Artist:
Ayesha Nadir Ali is a classical vocalist and researcher whose performance repertoire covers classical, semi-classical and folk genres. She trained in dhrupad singing under late Ustad Hafeez Khan of Talwandi gharana and is currently learning khayal gaeki from Ustad Parvez Paras. She was motivated by Ustad Paras’ immense knowledge of South-Asian music to research the subject in-depth and has also co-authored and edited a book on the Todi family of raags with him, Todi ki Riwayat, which was published by the Lahore School of Economics Press, 2019.

A radical understanding of music in which it is not only an emotional but a political response with a complex social integration, is very much a part of how Ayesha has navigated her musical ventures. She is also a great exponent of folk and spiritual Sufi poetry of South Asia, which she has extensively read, written about, and performed.

Ayesha Ali is a mathematician by profession. She has studied at Rutgers University and University of Maine in USA. She has worked in Actuarial Consulting in New York City and taught at The Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics before joining the Lahore School of Economics, where she currently teaches the subject.

About the Moderator:
Naila Mahmood
is a Karachi based visual artist, writer and documentary photographer. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally and she has been a speaker at various international universities. She has taught Communication Design at Indus Valley School of Art, University of Karachi and Habib University. She is currently the Director of Vasl Artists’ Association. Naila is an exponent of art, poetry, literature and music.

Venue: T2F, Facebook Live
Date: 10th July, 2020
Time: 8:00pm- 9:00pm
Event Link:

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