The World of Jan’s Broast

Businesses require sweat and blood; sacrifices on the part of owners or entrepreneurs make them successful. For success, a shrewd business strategy is needed, a hands on policy to counter any and everything. However not every situation that arises for a business is documented and neither is a written code of conduct provided nor are there any standard operating procedures to follow. This is the real world where businesses adapt or drop concepts in order to survive.

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A shrewd businessman is one who will understand the circumstances and adapt accordingly, this ensures damage control and a chance at success, while anyone who refrains from change is sure to sink with their business. This theory is not a compulsion but a general idea of what is witnessed around. One such businessman who had the foresight to predict and adapt accordingly, ended up leaving a legacy in the food business: welcome to Jan’s Broasted Chicken.

Jan's Broast - Boat Basin, Clifton, Karachi

Jan’s Broasted Chicken is a restaurant located at Boat Basin, Clifton Karachi. At JBC – an acronym for Jan’s Broasted Chicken- the customer is the focus. Their aim is to keep customers satisfied and happy by providing quality food and environment with value of the money paid.

Address: Pearl Heaven, Shop # 5, Block-5, Khayaban-e-Romi, Boat Basin, Clifton, Karachi.

While at JBC, customers are ensured fresh and delicious food, which is prepared as soon as the order is placed. The service is prompt, personalized and friendly giving the customers the feel of being in a comfortable environment. Unlike other restaurants; JBC is constantly thriving to expand its menu with quality dishes which would appeal to the customer’s palate and they have been quite successful as well.

Management at JBC has set goals to keep providing quality food for the money paid in a comfortable environment. When customers visit JBC, they will be served food of the finest quality and worth every dime spent. The concept of a restaurant for broasted chicken began with Jan’s. Jan’s offers the delectable chicken broast which is deep fried to a golden colour till it becomes crispy; served with a mountain load of fries and bun. It is a square meal for the hearty eaters as well.

For anyone who is not in the mood for broast, yet find themselves at JBC, look no further than the menu card; they can opt for a simple chicken shawarma or one that is full to the brim with relishes and pickles and cheese. A unique dish on the menu and a fairly new innovation, the credit for which goes to JBC i s- Broasted Fish. Lightly marinated fish, deep fried till golden and crispy is served with French fries and bread rolls. Customers who do not like messing with their broasts need not try the fish; however anyone willing to try something new should order this.

Families and friends will love eating out at JBC; reason being a safe and comfortable dining area and quality food for everyone to enjoy. Customers will leave JBC satisfied with the service provided ensuring they will return again for more.

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