Thinking Films : Agora at T2F

Join The Second Floor on Wednesday, 18th April at T2F for their latest series of Thinking Films — “Agora”: A film worthwhile to watch today in many parts of the world where fundamentalism is increasing daily.

A historical drama movie Directed by Alejandro Amenábar and Written by Mateo Gil and Amenábar is based in late 4th century Roman Egypt, and uses part-fact and part-fiction to highlight the relationship between Religion and Science during a time where Greco-Roman polytheism was declining and the Christianization of the Roman Empire was on the rise.

Astronomer, philosopher, and mathematician Hypatia teaches her scientific learnings to a class of male students. Among the students is the slave Davus, her student Orestes, and a young Christian man Synesius who all fall in love with her. Hypatia dismisses all of their advances as she continues to teach. There is a rising battle between the Christians and pagans in Alexandria. The city’s Christians slowly gain political power, threatening the institutions of learning along with the governance of slavery.

The film opened in Spain in October 2009 and become the highest-grossing film of that year.

They will wrap up the film screening with a group discussion. Their event is free, but please support them by buying some delicious popcorn for which proceeds will go directly towards the continuation of T2F’s programmes for the community!

Event Name: Thinking Films : Agora
Venue: Faraar Gallery, The Second Floor (T2F), 10-C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, DHA, Karachi.
Date: Wednesday, 18th April, 2018
Time: 07:00 PM – 09:30 PM
Fee: Free, donations appreciated
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