‘Thredz’ Now Open at Dolmen City Mall – Clifton, Karachi

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”- Coco Chanel

Rare exquisite designs one of a kind are indeed items for which ladies would kill. The exclusivity that exudes from such clothes tends to give the person a boost and to their own self some satisfaction of being the sole owners to such priceless designs. It goes without saying that owners of such items proudly display their ownership and why not when it takes such hard labour to find and procure them. Long gone are the days when mass production of designs was not considered an ailing stigma among women, the one rule that exists now is – Exclusivity.

This uphill trend for exclusivity has opened a completely new segment for designers and boutiques. An exclusive design can fetch a handsome for the designer and that is just for starters. If a garment is handmade and added to this is the exclusivity of it being the only one- prepare for battle. Since ladies will go to any lengths to be the sole owners of such a piece. Wearing such items is considered by many as a privilege.

'Thredz' Now Open at Dolmen City Mall - Clifton, Karachi

Without further ado, look no further than ‘THREDZ’ now open in Dolmen Mall Clifton. Exclusivity and elegance are born here. An extravagant new outlet has recently been set up which is bound to make women fall in love. The outlet is located on the third floor near Kidz Duniya and easy enough to locate.

The shop has a pronounced air of exclusivity. Women can choose from chiffon, hand woven or lawn prints, besides these; unstitched clothes are also available. Single kurta’s in lawn are simple yet elegant and can be easily paired with a palazzo or churidar pyajamas. Comfortable yet stylish this attire can be easily carried off for work or a casual breakfast morning.

Fine designs in chiffon kurtas are just the attire for formal evening wear or dinner parties; to begin with the colour schemes are subtle with thread work often dotted with sequences or other diamantes. These bedazzling dresses are sure to make one the star of the party, taking away the lime light from the hosts.

A shopping spree at Thredz is not complete unless one indulges in the extravagant designs of the hand woven garments. Each piece is available in different sizes, but with a catch- one piece for each size only. Hand woven fabrics are a lot more pricey than the other garments available but the price is fairly justified by the designing and the quality of the material.

The minute details that go into making each piece unique are visible. To say the least stitched clothes have finesses about them which make the clothes a lot more elegant when worn. Buying clothes at Thredz can dent the pocket slightly when going for the hand woven or the chiffon garments, however since quality and exclusivity are assured, it is a worthy buy.

The shop is brightly lit with well-spaced out displays carrying the causal, formal or hand woven garments. Attire for men is also available at Thredz; decent colours and a neat finish; they make excellent choices for seasonal or formal wear.

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