Top Three Arabic Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Oh the heavenly smell of exotic spices wafting in the air, the enticingly presented elaborate meal and the mouth-watering taste of food that seems to melt on the tongue. Arabic cuisine is the new sensation in Karachi nowadays. Although a string of them is opening in different parts of the beloved city, the areas of DHA and Clifton fare well because they host some of the top rated Arabic restaurants.

On one-minute drive from the Ocean mall is Arabian Nights Lounge, a multi cuisine restaurant with a wide range menu, everything from special Arabic meals to the traditional Pakistani food to the joyous fast food. You can totally relax in its outdoor casual environment and have your dinner traditionally at a dastarkhwan sitting on a takhat. They serve Arabic seafood (samak burger), sandwiches (Arabian sandwich) and kababs (khash khash kababs). Mandi, of course, is a must. One specialty of that place is sheesha, which you can try if you are adventurous, or just love it. So, if you need good quality food in an easy going environment, that is the place for you.

Another option is Damascus. Located on boat basin with an outdoor seating, the great thing about that place is that it is open 24/7! You can visit whenever your taste buds feel like, and enjoy Arabic platters of farrouge and mandi ordered from a cheekily printed menu. Nowadays their new specialty is the crust filled pizza, which is as yum an experience as it seems in written. Or you can have baklawa if you have a sweet tooth and an eagerness to try unique desserts.

There is another one, the gem of collection and a purely Middle Eastern place from first to last, Maskan Mandi. Those living in Phase V are lucky because it is situated right there. With its posh Arabic style indoor seating and serving ONLY Middle Eastern cuisine, it is surely the best of them all. Special elaborate meals from starters (fattoush) to the eastern significance yakhni, over to main course of mandi, shish taouk and samak, ending at kunafa  and Moroccan mint tea are like roller coaster rides of taste and flavours which leave one contented and brim full.

If you are a visitor from outside Karachi or if you are a Karachiite and haven’t visited these places yet, what are you waiting for? Treat your palate to new, exquisite and exciting savouries in DHA and Clifton. Bon Appetite!

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