Train Your Attention© at Royal Rodale Club

“In the era of distraction and the age of rising complexity, there is a constant ‘tug of war” for our attention. This often means that our minds are constantly trying to juggle multiple pieces of information together, hardly focusing at any one thing at the same time. The increasing use of digital media and the implusive drive to constantly check our phones has magnified the problem further. While the implications of the lack of focus might not be obvious in the short run, however in the long run, it can be a deciding factor whether we are promoted or stagnate in our careers, and whether we live a healthy, meaningful life. We must learn to sharpen focus if we are to thrive in a complex world. This one day worksop is designed to create awareness of all the various ways in which we might be losing focus, and what actions can be taken to improve focus to live a meaningful life.”

Learning Outcomes:
1. Develop basic understanding of the mind and its ability to focus
2. Engage critical thought to understand the types of focus
3. Evaluate impact of engaging different types of focus
4. Practice how to engage focus

Workshop Outline:
1. Basics of Attention Management
Types of attention
Importance of understanding your attention type
How do you pay attention?
Understanding your attention type
Finding Balance
2. Self-Awareness, Attention & Productivity
Role of attention in the networked economy
The mind body connection
Efficient allocation of limited attention resource
How to increase productivity by managing attention
Recipe of self-control
3. Outer Focus – The Well Focused Leader
How leaders direct attention
Managing attention to understand the big picture
4. Action Items
Effective techniques to manage attention on a day to day basis
Social Sensitivity
Non verbal Communication

Date: 29th January, 2020
Time: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Venue: Royal Rodale Club, Karachi
Event Link:

Facilitator’s Profile:
Ayesha Tariq Sethi
is the Chief Executive Officer of Sethi Learning & Company, Visiting Faculty at IoBM, and a member of the Global Network for Advancement Management. Her work experience spans across areas of innovating solutions for supply chain digitalization (Li & Fung HQ, Istanbul), conducting internal audits of business functions, managing control group forums, planning and executing nation-wide management trainee drive, engaging in lean-six sigma project, and providing support to company’s Enterprise Risk Management Framework committee. Ayesha has actively led the implementation of BCM 22301 across its various stages for all business units of Engro Polymers Limited in collaboration with an external consulting firm. She has also served as a Visiting Faculty at SZABIST, and facilitated multiple corporate learning workshop across a range of organisations. She was invited to speak on ‘Why teams fail’ at the University of Waterloo, Canada, 6th National Project Management Conference, Islamabad, and moderated both ‘Diversity & Inclusion Conference 2019’ and IngramMicro’s First Digital Summit in Pakistan. Ayesha has graduated from Koch University, Istanbul with an AMBA/EQUIS accredited MBA in Strategic Thinking. She has also completed on-campus Global Network for Advancement Management Modules from University of British Columbia, Vancouver and Koch University on global strategies and green innovations. She periodically contributes her articles to AMBA’s (Association of MBAs) blog and her article ‘The scientific approach to corporate excellence’ was featured on the cover of the global business magazine’s July edition.

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