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The months of March and April are the prime time for children’s education. Schools draw up exhaustive time tables for the monthly tests and the upcoming final exams for the children; nose is grinded to the stone when at school. The monthly tests held in school and tuition centers are a glimpse of the real slog and exhaustive course revisions to be done before the actual exams.

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Sadly for the children, education has now become rote learning given the numerous subjects being taught at the same time. Parents comply with the rote learning or any other retaining technique which works well for their child because at the end what matters is how much the child scored and not what is learnt.

This situation applies to the private schools- the only plausible explanation parents have to sending their children to private schools is that the government schools are down the drain and going to the dogs. With limited choices in schooling, parents opt for the best possible for their child because it is after all an investment of a lifetime.

For children on the other hand schools are fun and educational given the activities held to keep them motivated. Nevertheless exam time should never be taken lightly, irrespective of how old a child is, exam times are always stressful for the child and parent alike. Once the exams are conducted, the children breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice at the approaching summer holidays of two entire months: now that is a treat to look forward too!

Many kids work extremely hard during the exams because of the allure of the upcoming summer holidays. For mothers it may be a hectic time, trying to keep up with hyper and over joyed children, but it is a family moment all together. Be it the young school going children or the university going adults- approaching holidays or semester breaks mean nothing but fun and catching up on the lost activities or hobbies.

Summer vacations are an ideal time to head out for a family holiday. It is a time when a lot of people save up their yearly holidays, in order to spend time together with their family; a summer holiday abroad or within Pakistan would be a cherry on top. So with the summer holidays just around the corner, many families will be quietly planning a trip either within the country or abroad and why not? With the entire family on a holiday, venturing out would be just the thing to do.

Keeping this exact thought in view, Gerry’s Travel Festival is being held at The Forum from the 28th till the 30th of March 2014. It is a three day festival which ends on the 30th of March. The highlight of the festival is the amazing deals and packages being offered by Gerry’s for both local and international holiday goers. Safe to say, families or a group of friends find great deals and discounts which will make holiday trips easy on the pocket and full of joy.

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