Tree Plantation Drive at DHA AK Khan Park Seaview

DHA as an environment friendly organization embarked on the massive tree plantation drive in August, 2018. A series of tree plantation activities were held in DHA parks, educational institutions and clubs for creating a greener, cleaner and healthy environment. The culmination of ongoing campaign came with organizing of a tree plantation event by DHA Horticulture Directorate in collaboration with Horticulture Society of Pakistan (HSP) and different Residents’ Societies/Associations of DHA at DHA AK Khan Park on Seaview. Lifetime Chairman of HSP, Lt Gen Jehanzeb Arbab (Retd) was the chief guest on the occasion.

Over 200 pits were made at the premises since the Park is located facing the sea front. A comprehensive study was carried out by DHA Tissue Culture Lab to select appropriate plants from in-house expertise as well consultation with other experts on landscaping. Saplings of Thespesia Populnea (paras peepal), Pongamia Pinata (such chain), Casuarina Equisetifolia (Australian pine) and Crateva Religiosa (barna) trees were planted by a large number of people representing various sections of the society.

Lt Gen Jehanzeb Arbab (R) said that tree plantation is a national cause as it significantly makes the environment green, vibrant and pollution free as well as encounter the drastic degrading changes occurring in environment. Director Horticulture DHA emphasized the need for planting shady and fruit trees.

A large number of people including women, children and students participated in the activity with great fanfare.

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