Truck Art Festival – A Colourful Love Story at The Forum Shopping Mall

A day in traffic in Karachi is any driver’s worst nightmare- endless honking cars moving inch by inch bumper to bumper make a simple trip for grocery hell. Traffic hours during the late evening and early morning hours are the worst times to step out for any work.

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Adding insult to the traffic hours are the extra-long CNG lines stretching from one end of the main road right down the bridge and beyond. Well, it does show we are desperate and in need for efficient fuel resources and management. Any bus standing in front of a car at the petrol pump will be honked at by the entire line for a very simple reason: they take the greatest share of CNG.

Truck Art Festival - A Colourful Love Story at The Forum Shopping Mall

The traffic and fuel worries seldom give us time to ponder on the beauty that roams about the city- and not just for now, it has been going around the city since years. With all the other stress added to our lives, this beauty was lost in the abyss of negligence. All those who drive daily must think this as an odd description about something that roams that city, but has yet not been noticed by them. Odd isn’t it?

How beauty stares right at us each day through the brightest colour palates, but we seem to not notice or take into consideration what is in front of us. Accepted with due understanding that work stress and other matters take precedence over everything, but a glance at this beauty will suddenly bring to light its importance in our lives. This beauty roams about the city, spreading colours and beautiful messages pertaining to love.

The people behind the creation of this beauty are long forgotten and seldom is their effort appreciated in the home country, however when the same beauty and craftsmanship is brought into light on the on the international platform- it is but a dazzling scene of camera flashes and over joyed people rushing to the scene. At that very moment, it hits home about how we failed to appreciate this beauty and the people behind its creation. Thereon we stand by proudly with this beauty, proclaiming it to be part of our culture and heritage, but deep down we know that it was a mistake on our part.

Still wondering what this beauty is that roams our land freely? Buses, Trucks, Rickshaws and Tankers decorated in the local Chamak Patti not only provide transport but add beauty to the daily traffic with their bright colours and enchanting slogans or quotes.

The Forum held a similar Truck Art Festival from the 23rd of March till the 27th of March wherein a vintage 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus was decorated by the multi-talented craftsmen from the city. The event brought pupil from far and wide as the witnessed the creation of a local beauty on the spot.

The Chamak Patti glittered on the Volkswagens body and gave it a completely new desi bridal look. The look was loved and appreciated by the visitors; most of the visitors stopped and took snaps with the craftsmen and the beloved Chamak Patti decked car. In all the event was a great smashing success and loved by the visitors.

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