“Truncated Conversation” Art Exhibition by Nizakat Ali Depar

Truncated Conversation Art Exhibition by Nizakat Ali Depar

Nizakat Ali Depar’s New Series “Truncated Conversation” opens at Canvas Gallery on November 20th 2012 from 5pm –8pm

In the past Nazakt Ali Depar impressed his audience with immaculate rendering of faces, figures and animals painted on train tickets (which could be called the most appropriate use of that disappearing item!). Now in his new work, even Depar has abandoned train ticket, and moved to larger surfaces, with images, which are complex yet constructed with simple components.

The show remains open daily until 30th November 2012 from 11 am – 8 pm (excluding Sunday and Public Holidays).

Address: Canvas Gallery, F 50/A, Block 4, Clifton.
Phone: 021-35861523

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