[TVC] DHA Karachi (Phase-VIII) – September 2014

DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) is the only area having three side water and even this is not an Island, this is very unique kind of land, not very commonly seen in any other part of world. Though, there are many island have four side water or even three side water like we have Manora as well but this kind of developed housing scheme is only Phase VIII.

If you are looking to buy or sell property in DHA Karachi Phase VIII (Phase 8), then get in touch with CITI Associates at info@citiassociates.com.pk.

It has all up-to-date infrastructure and having all the modern facilities. It also have all the amenities like Clubs, Parks, Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Cinemas etc.

DHA Karachi (Phase VIII) is the 2nd largest phase of Pakistan Defence Officers Housing Authority as Phase IX (DHA City Karachi) is the largest one with 11640 acres. DHA Karachi is the most prime and desired vicinity for the people of Karachi, it has been divided in 8 Phases from 1 to 8. All these 8 phases are spread over the area of approximately 8500 acres of Land, out of which 4000 plus acres is designated only for Phase 8

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  1. Syed says:

    you are not showing prices?
    I want to know prices of all A B C D

  2. khalid masood khan says:

    The correct word is “Peninsula” three sides water

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