TW9Y Family/Women’s Expo 2014

It’s a HAT TRICK!!! There’s always something happening at The Whole 9 Yards (TW9Y)!!!

The Whole 9 Yards, an Event Management Company + Support Group is partnering with Defence Authority Sunset Club to mark the 3rd TW9Y Family/Women’s EXPO from 2:00pm to 10:00pm on Sunday, 2nd March 2014. Family/ Women’s EXPO festivities will take over Defence Authority Sunset Club with an abundance of local foods and retail vendors and above all a peaceful crowd.

The event will be set up like a market, exhibiting a diverse collection of affordable, one-of-a-kind clothes, accessories, arts & crafts. Shoppers will have the opportunity to browse through handmade items infused with creativity.

TW9Y FamilyWomen's Expo 2014

Photo session with Jimmy’s Pets, Jewellry with name on rice, Caricature, Hiba Magazine, Working Women Trust, APWA, Hamnasheen Welfare trust are few names to mention. Cooking Queen is a segment where every one uses their taste buds to choose the winner and shutterbugs at FotoBooth will give life to pictures with funky props.

KE/ K- Electric Energy Conservation department will set up an info/ activity booth for families and children. Illusions/ Magic Show & Play area by Aladin Theatre for magic lovers. Event is free for club members and non-members (Families Only). TW9Y and DA Sunset Club are committed to safe, secure, and enjoyable events.

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