Two High-Tech Underpasses & a Flyover to be Constructed in Clifton

KMC Administrator Rauf Akhtar Farooqui said on Wednesday that two high-tech underpasses and a flyover would be constructed in Clifton area with the financial support of Bahria Town. The projects would have an estimated cost of Rs 1.89billion and would be completed in four months.

Two High-Tech Underpasses & a Flyover to be Constructed in Clifton - Bahria Town Karachi

Addressing a press briefing in his office on Wednesday, Administrator Karachi said these projects had been conceived by KMC after studying the traffic pressure on various arteries in main Clifton area and Bahria Town which were already having their project named Bahria Town Icon in the Clifton area had after many meetings and discussions expressed their willingness to sponsor these projects.

Thanking Bahria Town for providing this cooperation, he said such a huge donation from a private organization was never happened in the history of Pakistan and these projects would not only prove beneficial for people in Karachi but also become the icon of this city. He said the underpasses would have latest electronic system including the direct monitoring system and other things which we only get to see in big cities like Dubai.

He said the flyover would be constructed in front of Park Tower Clifton and the underpasses would be built near Kothari Parade which would cater to the traffic need from two swords roundabout, Bilawal House and other directions and the other in between the Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine and the Bahria Town Icon building.

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  1. Azmar says:

    The best track that is only going to stand in the development pro moment of the city and the most realized thing is that the counselors that are selected in the election are only focused on the constructing on what they got to benefit from

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