Understanding Pashto – Level 1 at T2F

Introduction to Pashto

Pakistan constitutes a region of diverse identities, languages, and cultures, and Karachi, the economic hub of the countries portrays this diversity quite well with its population having people from across Pakistan and all the ethnicities living here. Learning a vernacular language is the best way to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of the country and the city we live in.

All the provinces in Pakistan are having regions where people speak or understand more than one regional language. Karachi epitomizes this trend of living together and interacting with each other. Pashtuns makes a significant part of the population of the Karachi. They live and work here, engage in economic activities, and contribute at various levels to its diverse culture.

The Second Floor (T2F) comes with the idea to provide an opportunity to Karachiites to learn Pashto. It opens the doorway to learn about and understand the community which has undergone through a lot of political transition through these years due to the conflict and militancy in the region. This has influenced their literature, poetry, music, and all the art forms. The region possesses centuries’ old tradition of Qissa Khwani (storytelling) as part of their oral and written literature. Learning Pashto provides an interesting insight to the unexplored territories. Widening cyber space and social networking platforms are there to assist you in this endeavour.

Come and join them, whether you are a budding scholar and researcher, or a student of literature. Avail the opportunity to learn and test your faculties.

About the Instructor:
Ali Arqam
, A Journalist and Researcher working with Newsline Magazine, is known for his writings on Karachi, its politics and culture and has worked as Adjunct faculty at the Arzu Centre for regional languages and literature in Habib Univerity.

Date: Tuesdays & Fridays, starting 15th January 2019 till 29th March 2019
Timings: 06:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Venue: Meeting Studio, T2F
Event: https://web.facebook.com/events/348046312551736/
Registration: Rs.5000/- monthly, Rs.15000/ for 3 months

**They have capacity for 10 participants only, email them at info@peaceniche.org to sign up for this workshop or you can drop by T2F, (monday to friday 1pm-6pm) to register yourself**

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