United Bakery – Baking like the Good ol’ Days

Not a day goes by in the entire week, when Saddar is not jam packed with traffic. The nearby markets draw workers and customers in hordes. The double road becomes a small winding lane as vehicles and hand carts park parallel to one another; navigation while walking or driving becomes a pain as drivers try to avoid being hit or hitting.

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During the early hour of mornings on weekends, Saddar is fairly calm right around till mid-day; that is when people hit the streets for shopping or heavy brunches. Either ways Saddar is most definitely one of the busiest places in Karachi. During weekdays, people from all walks of life head to Saddar for work, shopping or some other miscellaneous activity. Business and work are the prime reasons for the bustling traffic.

United Bakery - Baking like the Good ol’ Days

Amongst all of this traffic and noise in Saddar, stands a huge lone bakery. A very plain billboard in black states: United Bakery. By the looks of the place, it seems as if hardly a soul steps foot in it, a plain looking shop from the outside, with a huge display window looking in to a somewhat empty shop. Well looks can be deceiving. This shop – United Bakery – in a dilapidated building does not once seem like a famous bakery which originally began in Islamabad. New comers to the city will find the shop rather appalling that is until they enter and try some of the confectioneries and bakery items. A true foodie would consider the sight of the shop as a worthy end to a day’s quest.

A branch of the same United Bakery is located on Main 26th Commercial Street near Haji’s Super Store. For the loyal fans, it is a moment of joy. By the looks of it, the bakery is simply furnished with the essential equipment; workers are moving in and out of doors carrying trays laden with baked goodies.

The aroma is unbearable and extremely tempting. It is a rather small and compact shop, but the bakery items and confectioneries are to die for delicious. Any food item from United Bakery should be treated with reverence because pure white butter is used in the making.

The chicken and vegetable patties are stuffed to the brim with fillings in a light golden puff pastry; the first bite is nothing short of an explosion of flavours. It is a mouthful of filling in a rich buttery well defined puff pastry shell. Ideal for tea, evening snacks or a mid-day meal while at work. These patties make excellent food items to take to someone’s place when visiting.

Another delectable item on the list is the chocolate éclairs. Éclairs are filled with a semi sweet well whipped fresh cream and covered in a chocolate glaze- a properly chilled éclairs is heavenly for the sweet cravings. Besides the Savouries and sweet delectable, authentic freshly baked bakery bread and buns are also available. The bread has a thin crispy crust, but when taken apart, from the inside it is extremely soft; it is an ideal bread to have for breakfasts.

Customers need not worry about the traffic and rush hours to enjoy the delights, instead just head out to the 26th street and splurge on bakery and confectionery items the old school way!

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