United King – The Food Kingdom

A true foodie is nothing less of an adventurer, they seek thrill in searching eateries offering delicacies never heard off or tasted before. Sometimes these wanderings for food may be for a simple meal like daal chawal, while at times it could be for the best roast mutton leg in Karachi.

Best Sweets & Bakers in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Plainly stated- food is life for many and a day spent in search of a quality eatery is a worthy quest. Defining or so much as trying to define the eateries in Karachi would take up the form an entire thesis. For now, foodies must think on the lines of confectionery and bakery items.

Confectionery and bakery items have dwindled to chicken patties, biscuits and spongy looking cakes for most of the bakery businesses. Only a few remain, where customers can actually move beyond the realm of stale looking tarts and biscuits, to a level of indulgence. Snacks for tea parties should not be just chicken patties, spring rolls and tarts- the concept has to be revolutionized. The question remains: How!

United King - The Food Kingdom

The solution lies at Teen Talwar Clifton- United King. One of the best bakery and confectionery places in Karachi; they have gone a step ahead in revolutionizing snack items. The original outlet is located at Sharfabad, quiet a distance for the residents of Defence and Clifton. Not anymore, it is within reach- transforming a dull evening tea into one for which everyone waits.

Address: United King, Near Bombay Light House, III Talwar, Block 8, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: (021) 111-022-022
Email: info@unitedking.com
Website: http://www.unitedking.com

United King offers a wide assortment of cooked and frozen snacks- customers can choose one of the two. To begin with are the delicious Chillos; large green chillies stuffed with chicken and cheese, coated in crumbs and fried till a deep golden brown. Extremely popular are the Chillos for their mouthwatering flavours and packed fillings.

Besides the Chillos, the different kinds of samosas offered will work well with tea. Bread pizzas, chicken sticks, fish sticks, bread roll, chicken cheese pie, chicken pie and a lot more is waiting to be taken home by customers. It is not possible to go to United King and leave with just one item- the deep fried delicacies displayed look extremely tempting- customers will have a tough time keeping themselves in budget.

Some might consider what is yet to be stated as an over statement or an overboard elaboration of something that is deemed quite ordinary- which it is not. PIZZA at United King is heavenly. In terms of quality of the crust, flavours and the quantity of toppings, it beats all known international fast food chains. It is certainly not an overstatement.

The Pizzas are made to order and baked oven fresh; it takes around 20 to 30 minutes, but the wait is worth it. Customers can choose toppings from Chicken Tikka, Chicken Fajita, Euro, Hot and Spicy or tandoori depending upon their preferences. Once the order is given- thereon begins the wait. Within 30 minutes a hot piping pizza box is handed over- the aroma is enough to drive one insane. Soft yet a crispy crust with generous toppings of meat and veggies are smothered in tons of stringy cheese. This pizza here at United King is heaven. A single bite is enough to make one forget the surroundings and keep going on and on till the stomach is full but the intentions are not.

Savories, especially the Pizza and Chillos at United King are divine and pure indulgence. Savouries and sweets from United King are just what an evening tea needs.

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