Uplift Projects of Defence Authority Marina Club

Defence Authority Marina Club located astride Gizri Creek in DHA Phase-VIII majestically overlooking the unfathomable Arabian Sea is a unique arena of the metropolis which offers exciting water sports and marina activities in the country. Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali visited Marina Club and saw the various facilities, boats and outfits of the club. He appreciated the efficacy, state of maintenance and operational viability of the club terming it as a jewel crown of DHA clubs.

Administrator chaired a meeting in which various development and uplift projects of Marina Club in pipeline were discussed in detail and prompt decisions were taken to complete them expeditiously in a prudent, cost effective and innovative manner. The projects discussed included Two Finger Jetty project, uplift of facade of club’s building including Coffee Shop, Reception, Barbeque Area, Outer Gate and upcoming Gymnasium to further enhance their usage and utility. Administrator emphasized the need to complete these projects in a holistic manner with a professional approach as per the contemporary trends in vogue. He said that the fecade of the building should be uplifted innovatively and tastefully revamped with an aesthetic vision to enhance the heavenly ambience and attractive outlook of the club.

The upgradation/modernization of Marina Club’s boats was also discussed including renovation of Para Sailing Boat encompassing its technical upgradation by replacement of its engines with a new modern and technically advanced engine for better efficiency, speed and maneuverability. The project for over hauling of Orkney Boat including installation of a new Fire Extinguishing Equipment was also reviewed and appropriate decision was made to enhance the safety and security of the boat.

Administrator appreciated the progressive and forward looking vision of Marina Club and its efforts to turn it as the best and most modern marina outfit of the country. He said that true marina spirit should be manifest in all club’s activities and the club should virtually be turned into boaters’ paradise.

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