Urban Deli – Delighting Ways!

Burger wars have been raging at their peak here in K-town for a long time and there are no signs of stopping so far. Before the beginning of the burger wars was the fierce arena battle between the pizza chains all of whom made it a priority to deliver the biggest and cheesiest pizza.

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With the intense competition stringing up for the burger and local joints- the customers are having a field day as the prices are cut down to the wire but without compromising on the quality and the quantity. Each eatery whether for the pizza or the burger has strummed up their flavors and twists to win over and capture the greatest possible share of the market- it has not been easy at all.

But while the customers enjoy the field day with throw away prices and amazing deals, there seems to be a lackluster in the inflow of orders. It could simply be that another eatery has taken away the customer inflow or a more plausible yet horrific scenario would be that the people have had enough of the burgers and pizzas.

Urban Deli - Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Khadda Market, Phase-V, DHA Karachi

Pizzas and Burgers can be devoured anytime of the day or night, but they seem to be the last options for most of the people. A change in flavors or exciting new deals may spruce up the customer orders but not for long and this is not a long lived notion. So what is it that is turning the people away from their most favorite fast foods? Is it the option of being health conscious or merely shrinking pocket sizes because of the high costs?

Numerous factors are forcing eatery business to pop up every now and then to fill up a niche and then close down after a few months because the profitability and turnover is not steady and fluctuating.

Cafes have made their way in and become the most favored eateries by the masses. Nevertheless another quaint entrant with a different view on food and the cuisines has bravely stepped forward with its own ideology- simplicity and quality. Located on the quite corners of 14th Street, off Shamsheer, Khadda Mkt, DHA 5 is URBANDELI.

Address: 14th Street, off Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Khadda Market, Phase-V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0300-9261800 and 0331-8887739
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbandeli.khi

A new ‘deli’ on the block. For the people who are used to the bustling cafes, this eatery will be a completely new experience. For starters the menu is structured to the likes of ‘Deli’s’ abroad, proving that there is most definitely more food to try than just pizza, burgers and tacos. URBANDELI offers dine, take away and home delivery to its customers. A word of advice, do not judge this quiet eatery as one that is just slow and offers nothing specially.

Contrary to this negative thought is the star dish at URBANDELI – Khaosey. Rest assured no one would have had khaosey like the ones being served at URBANDELI. The rich creamy gravy is light and full of bright flavors of coconut cream while the chicken is mildly spiced in a red curry.

The serving size at URBANDELI for Khaosey is just enough to satisfy the cravings of two very hungry people. The quaint eatery offers fresh fruit tarts to go with the blazing summer heat these days. URBANDELI is a must try for all those looking for a great peaceful outing.

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