Valentine Galore at ‘Wrap N Grab’

The start of the month of February is marked by the arrival of two special events; Spring and Valentines. The signs are hard to miss for both the occasions. The entire city is aglow with colours of spring from flowers and plants of the most exotic variety.

For the horticulturists, it is like a dream come true. Flowers are the simplest of the presents, appropriate for any occasion; birthday, wedding, house warming or for a patient. Irrespective of the occasion, flowers are gestures of well wishes and kindness; this statement is true in spirit, but during the month of February flowers become special and important. A single long stem rose is symbolic to the feelings of love; bottled up feelings and emotions cumulatively can be expressed with a rose. Thus roses have become symbolic to valentines.

By the end of the first week of February, every nook and cranny, street, main road, shops and malls are decorated in red. With the valentine preparations beginning a good two weeks early, couples have the task of picking out the perfect presents to accompany a bunch of roses. The aim is to make this year’s valentines the best ever for the loved ones.

Valentine Galore at 'Wrap N Grab' - Park Towers Clifton Karachi

The million dollar question remains: how? Dinner dates are common and so are roses and chocolates, so how about something which would remind the couple of the beautiful day and its joys. It is always the thought that counts behind the present, but it would not be appropriate to pick the wrong one. A simple solution looming before our eyes is ‘Wrap n Grab’- a one stop destination located on the ground floor at Park Towers, Clifton, Karachi.

Boys hear this loud and clear, Wrap n Grab specializes in gifts for the girls for the Valentine’s Day. The shop is decorated in bright red hearts and valentine novelties; the allure of the display is enough to attract girls and boys alike. Buying presents on valentines for the love of your life or crush should be easy when at the Wrap n Grab outlet.

The store offers products and novelty items which will be eye candy for any girl. Jewellery is a much loved item by girls on valentines, so why wait? At Wrap n Grab a huge array of delicate chains are available; these chains can be complemented with gorgeous pendants. Chains with pendants make ideal presents for girls and only one other item can trump it in terms of sentimental value: a Ring.

A beautiful stone in an exquisite ring setting will have any girl, moved to tears of happiness. Traditionally jewellery items make the best presents, including a magnificent pair of earrings to go with the ring or chain. A complete set or individual elements can be purchased and beautifully wrapped for the big day.

While some girls would love jewellery, many would love a gorgeous bag, clutch or wallet. Available in beautiful colours and designs, these accessories will have the girls whooping with joy when they unwrap the present.

With valentines few days away, head out to Wrap n Grab where you can: Select.Wrap.Grab.Go!

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