Visual Storytelling – Photography Workshop with Danial Shah

We are surrounded by stories and everyone wants to share theirs. From being asked how our day was, to the big events that shape our lives, our brains are wired to weave narratives. There are many ways to communicate but how do you tell a persuasive story with a point of view?

Visual Storytelling - Photography Workshop with Danial Shah

Visual stories can transport us, not only to another place, but inside another person’s life. From capturing the joy of a newborn baby to the majesty of a mountain peak, learn to observe and train your eye to craft images that tell a compelling story.

Free Orientation: 1st March, 2014 | 6:00 pm
Indoor Sessions: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th March 2014 | 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Field Trip: 23rd March 2014
Age: 15 years and above
Equipment: Camera (DSLR or Point & Shoot with manual controls)
Fee: Rs. 10,000

The workshop will begin with a departure from the camera’s auto-mode and you will learn essential, technical details of how to control your camera. The four-day classroom sessions and a field trip will be a mix of theory, case-studies and discussions on the creative aspects of photography and visual story-telling.

Visual Storytelling - Photography Workshop with Danial Shah

The classes will combine technical and practical exercises and participants will use their cameras during the sessions as well as for homework assignments. The workshop will guide participants through understanding the basics of a camera as a tool to capture thought provoking images and using the eye and mind before making a photograph.

Finally, participants will be able to study photographs, use a thought process, and combine visual elements to create meaningful images for effective storytelling through their camera.

About the Instructor

Danial Shah is an adventure seeker. He is an independent travel photographer and travel writer, wandering tirelessly through Pakistan for positive stories. As a storyteller, Danial is always on the move; working on commission, taking on challenging assignments, developing a portfolio of creative stock images, writing and training. He loves to travel to remote destinations, enjoys mountain climbing, trekking, and deep sea diving.

In 2010, Danial launched, the first travel blog of Pakistan. He traveled from the south to the north, capturing and documenting the diverse culture and landscape of the country.

Based on his work, Danial was awarded Nishan-e-Azm (symbol of pride) and Travel Blogger of the year in 2011. His portfolio comprises documentary, travel, anthropology, landscape, culture, archeology and countless forms of natural beauty. Danial’s travel work is represented by Getty Images, and he contributes features to Dawn (Pakistan), Express Tribune Magazine (Pakistan), Herald (Pakistan), Himal SouthAsian (Nepal) and Trek&Mountain (UK).

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