Voluntary Blood Donation Camp Organized by Defence Authority Degree College for Men

A Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized by Defence Authority Degree College for Men in collaboration with Indus Hospital at college’s premises. The camp for collection of healthy blood organized on modern medical lines as per the international standards was established by Indus Hospital where a large no of students from different DHA educational institutions and DHA employees donated their blood. There was lot of fervor and a sense of pride and accomplishment in individuals voluntarily donating their blood for the cause of humanity.

The blood donation camp equipped with modern blood screening, diagnostic and medical examination facilities is a unique and first of its kind facility in the country. Dr Wasey, the Administrator Indus Hospital Blood Centre and a clinical pathologist said that a detailed history and physical examination of blood donors including hemoglobin test and blood pressure examination was performed at the camp before accepting the voluntary blood donation.

Dr Wasey added that blood donation does not have any adverse effect on health so blood should be generously donated by all. The camp was for one day only.

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