Voluntary Blood Donation Camp Organized by Defence Housing Authority

A Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized by Defence Housing Authority in collaboration with Indus Hospital at DHA Head Office Lawns. The camp for collection of healthy blood was organized on modern medical lines as per the international standards where a large number of residents and DHA employees donated their blood. Lot of enthusiasm was shown by individuals who voluntarily donated their blood for the cause of humanity.

The blood donation camp was equipped with modern blood screening, diagnostic and clinical examination facilities. Dr Naveed Khan, the incharge of Indus Hospital Blood Donation Camp said that a detailed history and physical examination of blood donors including hemoglobin test and blood pressure examination was performed at the camp prior to accepting the voluntary blood donation.

He said that blood was taken by trained phlebotomists (individuals trained to safely draw blood) under the supervision of expert doctor. He added that 1 pint (500 ml) blood could save three precious lives. He further said that donated blood was analyzed in laboratory and three discrete blood components namely Red Blood Cells (RBC), White Blood Cells (WBC) and Platelets were taken out which could be given to patients with different ailments/disorders to save their lives.

Dr Naveed added that blood donation does not have any adverse effect on health so blood should be generously donated by all.

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