Waging War on Trash at T2F

Socially Responsive University Education and Student Empowerment in Karachi

As a part of the course Trash in the City, students at Habib University, conducted research and social impact projects. These projects bear relevance to the waste management crisis in Karachi, and to the need to educate and empower people in their engagement with solid waste. Some of the best projects by students: Syeda Zarah Batool, Saffia Saqib Malik, Mishal Birgees Khan, and Humna Saeed, have been chosen, to showcase some of the educational outcome of hands-on and responsive course design, in the field of social development and policy. This course was developed on the premise that there is great urgency to know more and do more to face “our trash” head on.

The session will be co-facilitated by Habib University faculty members, Dr. Severine Minot (Social Development and Policy Dept.) and Dr. Sarah Hasnain (Integrated Sciences Dept.).

Syeda Zarah Batool
Saffia Saqib Malik
Mishal Birgees Khan
Human Saeed

Date: Sunday, 15th March 2020
Time: 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Rs.100/-
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/210132153695287/

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