Weekend Yoga to Unwind and Reset with Mehla Sarki by T2F

Yoga is a powerful tool to balance your mind, release tension and feel better in your body. With this series of classes, you will get an opportunity to develop a daily practice (especially beginners and intermediate practitioners) to explore movement with intention, to achieve body and breath awareness, shake off the stress and let go of any tension in the body and mind.

You will be guided to enjoy the benefits of yoga through slow and steady flows, combined with breath-work and meditation. They will break down the elements of Vinyasa: sun salutations, standing and seated postures, core work, balances and back-bends, to help you expand your limits and grow within your practice.

In this serious, you can:
Build strength and increase flexibility
Enhance your balance and body awareness
Feel grounded, focused and at peace

About the Instructor:
is a yoga alliance certified yoga instructor and sound healing therapist.Few years ago, she struggled with chronic depression and anxiety. Along with psychological therapy, Mehla sought alternative approaches and methods of physical and emotional healing including yoga, meditation and pranayama (breath work). From the moment she stepped on her mat, she felt like she found the missing piece from the puzzle (life) and everything began to come into place. Since then she’s been a dedicated yoga practitioner.

The sense of calmness and belongingness that she felt with practicing yoga, led her to learn more about it so that she can share the magic of yoga with the world as well and help people find a way of self-healing. Mehla did her 200Hours yoga and sound healing Teacher Training from Pure Nature Yoga, Thailand.

Currently she is facilitating online group yoga classes as well as private/personalized yoga trainings.

Contact details: mehlaa@hotmail.com
Instagram: @mehlasarki

Starting Date: 4th July 2020
End Date: 26th July 2020
Days: Weekly on Saturday and Sunday
Timing: 06:00 PM – 07:00 PM
Platform: Zoom
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/277092770177033/

1 Month: Rs. 4,000/-
Drop In: Rs. 800/-
**To register, please email us at info@peaceniche.org.**

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