“Weekly Offers” From 23rd December Till 29th December 2017″

Hyperstar located at Dolmen Mall Clifton weekly offers discount on various grocery, vegetables, fruits, meat and other items. Below is the Weekly Offer Brochure from 23rd December Till 29th December 2017 which includes:

  • Oranges Rs 89 per Kg
  • Chicken Drumsticks Rs 319 per Kg
  • Mix Salad Rs 379 per Kg
  • Capsicum Rs 74 per Kg
  • Chicken Burger Rs 89 per Kg
  • Musami Rs 89 per Kg
  • Yelllow Fish Rs 549 per Kg
  • Dried Cakes Rs 199 per pc
  • Cauliflower Rs 55 per Kg
  • Dry Fruits Rs 1199 per Kg
  • Mutton Paye Rs 56 per pc
  • Mutton Leg Rs 1029 per Kg
  • Beef with Bone Rs 339 per Kg
  • Chicken Mince Rs 479 per Kg
  • Chicken Bread Rs 99 per pc
  • Bananas Rs 89 per Kg
  • and lot more

You can also found everyday low prices in tomatoes, potato, Onion, garlic, ginger etc. Visit Hyperstar today to do your weekly grocery and other purchases. Hyperstar is always ready to serve you with utmost quality.

Address: Dolmen City Mall, Sea-View Road, Clifton Karachi
Contact number: +92 (21) 3581 4760
Email: customerservicefor@hyperstar.pk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyperstar.pakistan
Website: http://www.hyperstarpakistan.com

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