Weight Loss Pakistan

Weight Loss Pakistan is one of those fitness programs who strive towards the wellness and health of the country.  They specializes in offering focused and exclusive programs to their respective clients. Whether the focus area is nutrition, treatments, fitness or slimming supplements, Weight Loss Pakistan is the one stop solution to all your health and fitness issues.

Their weight loss programs tends to fit every age, gender and budget. Their weight loss specialist will look into your complete medical history first before starting the plan.  The hard core areas which are difficult to lose like fat & cellulite is treated with their special massages. Apart from offering cardio workout machines they also offer herbal supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

They have also launched another program with the name of WELCORP for corporate environment for maintaining the health and well being of the employer and the employees which will not only save the future health care expenses but will also increase the productivity  of your overall organization.

This dynamic program is founded by Dr Sarwat Imran, one of the famous dentist practitioner in Karachi. Being an entrepreneur by heart  dr sarwat sensed the growing ill health in the country and started with Weight Loss Pakistan with an aim to develop a non-hospital institute where people can get proper guidance regarding their health & fitness.

Address: 49-C, Street 7A Badar Commercial Area, Saba Avenue Phase 5, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact number: (92) 0300-829-2498, 0321-829-2498
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/weightlosspakistan
E-mail: weightlosspakistan@gmail.com

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