What Happens at Prague, Comes to ‘Praguery’

The title is a proud claim by this new eating place which has hit the market with its culinary blast this year at Bukhari commercial area, phase 6. The inspiration for the idea of this type of restaurant is also hidden in the above said statement which is — Prague. The very old city of Czech Republic is depicted in the décor of brown bricked walls and wooden old-style furniture in dim brown colour. Those visiting in the late hours can experience a cold night in Prague.

Let me tell you how the food here will hit you – hard between the leaving you dazed and thinking it is too good to be true. But it is! It is just yumm. Especially the sweet savouries are something to die for. O ye all with a sweet tooth each, thoust prayers are hence answered!

It is really difficult to choose whether to order a shake, a flavoured coffee blend or just delve in the fun of Create Your Own chimney cakes. You can either be hit by a Chocolate Burst or be involved in a Cinnamon Affair along with Oreo and Ferrero. Feel the taste of the Heart of Europe on your lips or blend in with Twix Mix shake — or just enjoy a quite Latte. Too much activity going on at Praguery, guys!

Being done with the sweet specialties there is the food to be dealt with. Savour the salty and spicy Jalapeno Chicken or Beef Teriyaki with a variety of plain and gourmet fries on the side.

Are you enlightened already? So why wait? It’s Praguery for dinner today, folks!

Address: Shop 2, Lane No 11 – Bukhari Commercial Phase 6, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact number: (92) ‭0315-110-4334‬
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/pg/PragueryCafe/



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