Whispering Meadows by Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi at Artciti Gallery

ARTCITI Invites you to an exclusive exhibition of paintings WHISPERING MEADOWS by Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi

Exhibition: 22nd – 28th October 2020
Exhibition Opening: 22nd October 2020
Date: 6pm – 8pm
Visit their gallery or view the virtual exhibition at www.artciti.com
Venue: ARTCITI Gallery | 2nd Floor, Plot # 36-C, Bukhari Commercial Lane-13, Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi.Location Map: goo.gl/Fs2gtmEmail: info@artciti.comPh: +9221-35250495, +9221-35250496
Whatsapp: +923362700975
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/338134183921634/

I am writing these lines on Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi’s landscapes while sitting in a park, middle of a newly established housing scheme. Where occasional houses of different designs seemed to have sprung from grassy patches, like trees of diverse species. It is a residential area, but nature and its manifestation in multiple forms overpower one’s perception. You are still in the city, yet you are exposed to silence of plants, expanse of sky, contours of clouds, and the tranquil passage of light.An experience not different from seeing Zulfi’s canvases. His remarkably executed paintings map the border between man and nature. Lanes, lamps, shops, electricity poles, power cables, signboards, various vehicles, shoppers, bystanders, pedestrians, goods, all exposed to diffused light of dusk, dawn or midday in his work. And views of open fields, distant trees, dense clouds, drenched in strong light of setting sun, or bathed in the blurred radiance of a full moon offer a lyrical interpretation of visible world.Regardless of the size of his surfaces, or the scale of his imagery, Zulfi’s work looks like a replica, rather a reassurance of nature. Sensitive application of paint, skill in capturing the shifting grades of light, textures of diverse types, and a selective palette have turned his paintings into delightful views. But more than that, he creates and communicates an atmosphere, which brings back memories of being in these places, or places like them – both in reality and imagination.These paintings – normally labelled as landscapes or cityscapes – in a sense are self-portraits of the artist, who like many painters, writers, actors, singers, dancers, composers, and intellectuals exists in two worlds, simultaneously. In the past and the present. In the city and the village. In the solitude of nature and in the jungle of cement.Many among us, have decided to pick one, and put other behind the back of our consciousness. However, in Zulfi’s life as well as in his art, one witnesses both aspects/worlds, fully recognized, respected and rendered. Zulfi’s brush marks, vision, and preference of subject confirm the presence of a past, which is still alive, growing, and making us see ourselves reflected in the mirror of his art. Due to this reason, Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi’s paintings convey truth. The truth of perception, the truth of practice, the truth of inquiry – and the truth of success.
Quddus Mirza

Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi – A Man of Multiple Skills
Zulfiqar Zulfi is a bold painter. His work demonstrates skill in rendering the Lahore City and country prospects expressing changing moods of nature. His early works that address the City reveals a keen interest in old structures calloused by time. His later canvases dilate upon streets scenes immersed in winter mist. Subtle effects are achieved by arresting forms that peer through the fog. The overall mood of these works is rather pensive. There is a plethora of artists who endeavor to harvest the Lahore City. However, Zulfi’s canvases have introduced an inventive manner of capturing the moods of the Lahore City.

Zulfiqar’s Landscapes recurrently employ sunlight that rather romantically traces the contour of trees, licks wild grasses, receding country tracks; leading the eye to the horizon. But what is significant is that the artist leads the urban bred viewer far away from the rural fringe of the city to the remote prospects. The series of flaming sunsets that Zulfi dramatically executes, transports the viewer to the far countryside.I am curious what lies ahead of him. He has walked a long distance, l imagine he will stride forward and explore new alleys and prospects to enrich and exhilarate us. Since I have claimed that Zulfiar Ali Zulfi is a man of multiple skills, I must mention that Zulfi is an artful portrait painter. I must also confess that I was rather enchanted to see a few of his calligraphic works scrawled on indoor walls weaving immaculate patterns.
Mian Ijaz ul Hassa
7th October, 2020

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