Winter Sale at Gul Ahmed – Dolmen Mall Clifton

Dolmen Mall Clifton has been the talk of the town since its inauguration – popular for its upscale high end shops – it boasts international and local brand names. Featured in an international news channel as the new face of Pakistan, it adds glitz and glamour; as people from K-town throng the mall day in and day out to find accessorize or clothes of the trendiest fashions for themselves. Be it weekdays or weekend, an extensive queue is seen in the parking area of Dolmen Mall Clifton which often makes one wonder as to how much shopping can be done and how many times.

For men it is usually a one stop shop wherein within seconds choices are finalized, purchases made and shops exited, women on the other hand take their leisure time roaming from one shop to another until they end up going back to the first shop and buy what say they say initially. To say that women drag shopping is not fair, on the contrary it can be said that they make worthy use of the hard earned money by spending wisely in the most upscale shop while taking their sweet time. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing short of a natural calamity can make a woman shop quickly. Well to be honest, there is an exception to this clause; one word ‘SALE’ is sure to make the laziest and lethargic of the women sprint up the aisles grabbing clothes as if it were a relay race.

Winter Sale at Gul Ahmed - Dolmen Mall CliftonLo and behold ladies; Gul Ahmed at Dolmen Mall Clifton will soon be under siege for the hour of the Winter Sale is ON. Offering discounts for up to 70% on accessories, home store items, hand bags and shoes; this is the Grand Sale you all have been waiting for. This is just the beginning of the shopaholic expedition since the sale extends to men’s wear as well.

Embroidered Kurtas or T-shirts are on sale at literally bargain prices that will make decent buys for events and evening wear. Dressed in red T-shirts the staff are busy assisting customers many of whom grab items and pile them up before they can be sold. Women will be exceptionally pleased with the lowest prices possible on stitched Gul Ahmed clothes or simple Kurtas – perfect for work or casual wear for an evening out.

Housewives will be especially pleased with the home store items such as bed linen and covers all up for sale. A happy customer means a happy store. Gul Ahmed manages to do just this as every customer will find something or the other for themselves because of a huge variety to choose from. They are certainly not short of sizes or choices. Be warned, Sale at Gul Ahmed means a lot of human traffic as people flock the shops elbowing and forgetting all courtesy, it would be far better to make it to the shop early and purchase the best of the bargain. As it is said; ‘The early bird gets the worm

Besides this, Gul Ahmed and Sania Maskatiya have partnered up for a ‘Colours of Life’ campaign proceeds from which will be donated to the LRBT Trust Fund. It is all for a good cause and since two giants are behind this endeavor it is worth every bit.

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