Women of Talent Festival 2014 by Elan Women’s Social Club

Women of Talent Festival 2014

Elan Women’s Social Club is a networking group for the women entrepreneurs and achievers of today. Get opportunities for networking via get togethers, Inspiration from the stories and interaction of other achievers, Free guidance from professionals in their respective fields, Face book page link exchanges between members, Exclusive product/services discounts for cardholders and online advertising options for business promotion.

  • What: Women of Talent Festival 2014
  • When: March 1st, 2014
  • Event Timing: 2pm to 9pm
  • Venue: Will be disclosed on payment (in Clifton)
  • Expected Traffic: We had 4000-5000 visitors at our 2013 event.
  • Who can get a stall? Women who own or co-own their businesses.
  • Is sharing allowed? Very strictly, NO. One brand per stall only.
  • How to make the payment? Bank transfer. Inbox for account info.

Reason to get it right now:

  1. Early Bird Discount of over 35% till Dec 25, 2013. Payment needs to be made within this time. Note: Listed prices are after the discount. No further discount will apply.
  2. Locations may go fast. If you want a specific one, please hurry.


A. Inside the Marquee (all categories except food)

  1. 6’ x 7’ (approx.)
    For Members: Rs 6000 (original price before discount: Rs 9500)
    For Non Members: Rs 6500 for non-members (original price before discount: Rs 10,000)
  2. 12’ x 7’ (approx.)
    For Members: Rs 11,000 (original price before discount: Rs 17000)
    For Non Members: Rs 12,000 (original price before discount: Rs 18,000)

Anyone selling clothing has to get the second option.

Choose your own location from floor plan: Rs 1000
Advertise in event brochure: Rs 500 (plain text), Rs 1000 (text + logo OR one picture)

B. Food Area
Located outside the marquee.
Covered from the top.
Open floor plan.

  1. 6’ x 7’ (approx.):
    Rs 6000 for members (originally Rs 9500)
    Rs 6500 for non members (originally Rs 10,000)
    – This includes 1 table and 2 chairs.
    – Additional table @ Rs 1000 (only one additional table allowed)
  2. 12’ x 7’ (approx.):
    Rs 11,000 for members (originally 17,000)
    Rs 12,000 for non members (originally 18,000)
    – This includes 2 tables and 2 chairs.
    – Additional table @ Rs 1000 (only one additional table allowed)

Extra generator is required for these items. Cost of bringing them:

  • One Microwave: Rs 2000
  • One Fridge OR One Deep Freezer: Rs 5000

Advertise in event brochure: Rs 500 (plain text), Rs 1000 (text + logo OR one picture)

You do not need to be running a business to get a food stall.
The only requirement is you make great food.
You are not allowed to sell ready-made food items (please ask if in doubt) or soft drinks.

How to Book

Inbox http://fb.com/ElanWS with this information:

  • Your Name
  • Business Name
  • Facebook Page Link
  • Website Link, if any
  • Cell Number
  • Email
  • Category (please mention products if you are not sure)
  • Stall size you are interested in
  • Membership number if you are a member
  • Mention what add ons you are interested in
  • Confirm that you have read all the terms and conditions

Women of Talent Festival 2014

This floor plan is a rough draft. Slight changes may be made. Example: Try room’s location may be moved or another one added. If you fix your location, your stall will be located at the same place but stall numbers might change once floor plan is finalized. Plan is not according to scale.

Additional Terms and Conditions

  1. Regarding Booking your Stall
    1. Confirmed bookings are upon payment.
    2. Location can be chosen once the Rs 1000 payment is made on top of the stall payment.
    3. Location is dependent on your category.
    4. Locations for each category are marked on the floor plan. If your category is not listed, your stall can be placed at any available location.
    5. Locations will be booked according to payment sequence.
    6. If you sell more than one product type under your brand, we will place you in the category most suited to your products. You can still sell those products on your stall.
    7. Final floor plan to be given out a few days before the event for those who have not chosen a location.
    8. Once a stall is booked no refund will be provided. All sales are final.
    9. Stalls cannot be sold.
    10. Sharing is not allowed. One brand per stall. You are not allowed to put your friend’s products under your brand name.
    11. Prices are fixed and same for everyone. Please do not embarrass us and yourself by asking for a further discount.
    12. Although we try to limit the number of stalls per category, our first priority is to cover our costs. So there will be at least 15-20 stalls in each category. We cannot promise no competition.
    13. We reserve the right to book stalls and may refuse entry.
    14. Food area is outside the marquee. There will be no discussion on this. A food court type environment needs space.
    15. Stall structures are put up by labourers and sizes can vary slightly. Hence the stall sizes mentioned are approximate.
  2. Regarding Promotion of Event
    1. Our marketing budget is in the six figures. We aim to drive as much traffic as possible but cannot guarantee in case of unforeseen security conditions in Karachi.
    2. Despite good traffic, we cannot guarantee sales. That depends on your product, pricing and customer service.
    3. Marketing budget includes: Social media promotion and offline promotion via posters and flyers.
    4. There will be no billboards or other TV/Radio/Newspaper advertisements.
    5. For branding purposes only the official flyers and posters will be used.
    6. There will only be one official event page. No individual event pages are allowed.
  3. Regarding Training and Workshops
    1. An FB group will be made for the vendors.
    2. Group is for healthy discussions regarding marketing, promotion, stall décor, customer service, etc.
    3. Any issues need to be inboxed. Negativity and hostile behavior will not be tolerated on the group. Being on the group is a privilege, not a right and can be revoked. Please do not try to instigate other vendors. Such activity will lead to immediate disqualification from the stall without a refund.
  4. Regarding the day of the event
    1. No standees will be allowed at the event.
    2. A panaflex strip with your business name and stall number will run across the top of your stall (marquee area) and in front of your table (food area). You do not need to get additional banners with your business name.
    3. An official photographer will be present for the event. But photographs of your stall cannot be guaranteed. Please take your own photos.
    4. Hall will open at 9am. All your inventory and decoration should be inside the hall by 11am. Food items can be brought by 12am. Set up will take 4 to 5 hours so take this into account.
    5. If you want to put up decorations, bring your own labor. We will not have any available.
    6. Event ends at 9pm. Please start wrapping up at 9, not before that.
    7. If you want electrical sockets, we need to be informed in advance and will need extensions (these may be damaged so please do not give anything you are too attached to).
    8. Up to 2 chairs and 1 table can be provided in the marquee area. It is your responsibility to inform us beforehand. Otherwise we will assume you are bringing your own décor.
    9. You can bring any furniture items, shelving, background, etc. to decorate your stall. We recommend you do so, so your stall looks unique. Just make sure to stay within your allotted space.
    10. Make arrangements for your own transport. Everyone will have their own inventory to bring so will not have space for anyone else. Ask a relative or order a radio cab.

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