Workshop on “Cost Budgeting & Control” by PIM

The cut throat competition and regulatory requirements has placed business organization in an environment of extreme profit squeeze. In this situation, controlling costs associated to production, distribution, and managing the business process assumes significant importance. This course offers an opportunity for decision makers to improve their skills in managing and controlling their organization for greater growth and better profitability. It aims in (1) developing an understanding of the nature and pattern of business costs and their behavior, (2) based on this analysis developing an understanding of cost control through budgetary and standard costing methods.

The course is designed for senior managers and executives responsible for greater profitability through effective cost evaluation and budgetary control.

Dates: May 31 – Jun 01, 2021
Venue: PIM, Karachi.
Investment: Rs 21,000/-
Instructor: Syed Ul Haque
Event Details:

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