Workshop on “Creating Organizational Excellence” at PIM


The capability of a firm to drive business results is based on leadership, strategic planning, client focus, human resources, process management and knowledge management excellence. Meeting these seven criteria for excellence is a tall order business large and small alike.

The term organizational excellence” has been defined by number of intellectuals. Operationally, it resides in the category of “be good” and “do good”. While expressed ideals alone have some value, their real value can be obtained only from action aimed at moving the organization toward each component of its excellence definition. This requires excellence-defining concepts that are amenable to action and, most important, to measurement of results. Action without measurement of results is a formula for inconsistency, repetition, and ineffectiveness.


  • Framework for Organizational Excellence
  • Leadership, Commitment and Culture
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Analysis and Quality
  • Self-assessment – Gap Analysis
  • Benchmarking People – their Development
  • Re-visioning and Business
  • Process Re-design
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Performance Measurement and Feedback


This course is recommended for senior managers, decision makers, head of departments, and executives who can be a catalyst in brining changes in their organizational culture and creating sustainable organizational excellence.

Dates: July 12th – July 13th, 2021
Venue: PIM, Karachi.
Investment: Rs 22,000/-
Instructor: Muhammad Syed ul Haque
Event Details:

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