Workshop on “Data Analysis Technique for Effective Decision Making” at PIM Karachi


Managerial Skills can be enhanced by using effective decision making skills that depends upon various quantitative decision making tools. The understanding and use of statistical tools and techniques is critically important in effective and rational decision making. The course is designed by keeping in view this important objective.


  • Provide support for strategic business initiatives
  • Understand the nature of data and categorize data into categorical and quantitative type
  • Understand the concepts of measurement and scaling
  • Primary skills and their applications
  • Data display and disrupted techniques
  • Empirical testing of descriptive to authenticate claims
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Decision making


Every manager receives data and information in bulk on regular basis and requires deriving greater decision making value from it. To get maximum benefits of this program, a basic interest in data analysis and competency in the use of data analysis software is desired. This workshop should appeal to managers/analysts for all functional areas-marketing, sales, operations/production, human resources, finance, and research and development.


This program is designed for all managers and analysts who feel the need to complement their decision making skills by developing an appreciation of the role of Quantitative Methods as a management decision support tool.

Date: Sep 13 – 14 , 2021
Venue: PIM, Karachi.
Investment: PKR 22,000/-
Event Link:

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