Workshop on “Mind Openers for Managers” at PIM Karachi


Re-kindle that inherent ‘creative spirit’ with a bit of your ‘inner motivation’ and reap the rewards in the years to come, as you have already demonstrated in the past effectively – so far!

Many of us have drifted in a comfort zone due to our past successes and would like to “get back in action” with the same fervor that kept us abreast of others, once. Such is the inspiration behind this program and the facilitators guarantee you satisfaction or your ‘money back’ – No questions asked. This workshop is a blend of Personal and Professional Excellence and will certainly add to the quality of life of the people who attend this 3 day interesting learning experience!


  • Management means “Action” – Not re-action
  • The Status Quo – It’s not good enough, anymore!!!
  • Difference between “Creativity” and “Innovation”
  • How Creative are you in implementing your ideas (Exercise based Session)
  • How to identify “What needs improvement”
  • Understanding the “Operational” vs “Innovation” cycle
  • Values/Behaviors that support Innovation
  • 5 Tests of initiative
  • Creative Growth Games
  • Obstacles to innovation and how to overcome them


  • Remove blockades to creative ideas
  • Develop their skill of finding opportunities, within problems
  • Sharpen their Instinct and Intuition further
  • Enhance their Creative /Analytical skills
  • Deal with “Uncertainty” better
  • Learn to overcome “Obstacles
  • Benefit their Communication and understanding of others
  • Learn to see things “The Right Way” and eliminate “Stop signs”
  • Avoid stagnation and take charge proactively at their workplaces
  • Be Motivated and assume ownership of their responsibilities
  • Lead others effectively
  • Re-kindle that inner motivation and fire in the belly to set and achieve greater goals


This program is ideal for all levels of professionals seeking a never-ending progressive future…

  • Professionals who wish to refresh their perspectives
  • Business Development Managers seeking breakthroughs
  • Marketing / Sales personnel who wish to excel in a highly competitive environment
  • Managers who are constantly exploring deadlines and “Getting things done”
  • Technical people with strong logical orientation who wish to enhance creative skills
  • HR, Production, Financial, Commercial and R&D personnel desiring to improve processes

Date: August 30 – September 01, 2021
Venue: PIM, Karachi.
Investment: PKR 34,000/-
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