Workshop on “Security and Disaster Management” at PIM Karachi


All organizations face a definite amount of risk. The challenge is to determine how much risk is acceptable and how to cost-effectively manage the risk while meeting the organization’s strategic and operational objectives. Choices must be made regarding the trade-off between the resources necessary and organization’s sustainability with triple bottom line.

Our region now seems to have more frequency and intensity of human tragedy and heavy economic losses from disasters. The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, 2005 earthquake in Kashmir, 2010 flood in Pakistan, and the Afghanistan blizzards highlight the level of devastation that disasters can bring to the region.


  • Identify and assess security and disaster risks using a risk management approach
  • Application of security measures in participants’ organizations
  • Enhance security of participants’ organizations
  • Plan and develop effective strategies and systems for disaster risk reduction
  • Address and assess key implementation issues and requirements in disaster management
  • Effectively and efficiently coordinate with concerned departments


  1. Risk Management ISO 31000:2018 and ISO 31010:2019
  2. Physical security of organizations
  3. Event and travel security
  4. Emergency Response Plan
  5. Business Continuity/Crisis Management
  6. Security Audit
  7. Security Manual – Policies and Procedures
  8. Natural Hazards and Disasters
  9. Hydro-meteorological / Geo / Flood / Biological Hazards and Measures
  10. Climate Change Hazards and Measures
  11. Multi-Hazards Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Urban Environment and Measures
  12. Hazard Mapping
  13. Major Natural Hazards of Pakistan
  14. Disasters Management Policies in Pakistan
  15. Emergency Response Organizations in Pakistan
  16. Legislation for Disaster Management in Pakistan
  17. International Policies and Frameworks
  18. Psychological Impacts of Disasters


Lecture discussions, simulations, activities, and exercises.


  • Security Architects
  • Risk and security specialists
  • Chief Security/ Safety Officers
  • Security/Safety professionals
  • Risk Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Admin Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Disaster Management Professional/Managers
  • Business Continuity Professionals/Managers
  • Disaster Recovery Managers/Consultants


The workshop is three-day program (9:30 pm to 4:30 pm).


Rs 29,000/- learning investment includes; certificate, hands-on training, participant training kit, refreshment, lunch, and business networking.

Venue: Pakistan Institute of Management, Sharah e Iran Clifton, Karachi.
Date: 20-22 September, 2020
Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm
Investment: Rs 29000
Event Link:

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