Workshop on “Strategic Management” by PIM

All organizations operate in fluid, complex and dynamic environments which continually challenge existing organizational capabilities, processes, strategies and tactics. For operating successfully in dynamic environments the key to organizational success is an ability to correctly understand emerging environmental and market trends, great envisioning, robust strategizing and above all effective implementation.

In today’s global and indigenous environment which is dominated by fast paced change, an international financial contagion, an emergent recession, spiraling cost of inputs, food inflation, growing unemployment, nascent protectionism and serious terrorism and law and order issues the challenge facing all strategists is to correctly envision the future and develop competitive but flexible strategies.

This program is designed for top level managers who are involved in Strategy Formulation and Implementation.
This course would be particularly useful for CEO’s and top-level managers of organizations needing a review/updating of their present strategic posture which has been necessitated by adverse operating conditions or inherent structural limitation.

Dates: June 07 – Jun 08, 2021
Venue: PIM, Karachi.
Investment: Rs 25,000/-
Instructor: Muhammad Syed ul Haq
Event Details:

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