Xander’s – The Taste of the Best at your Table!

Whenever great food and people come together- memories are created. Good food shared with a group of friends or family gives immense happiness; what could be better than this one asks? Food tastes better when eaten with the family.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Nearly all the restaurants serve quality food sometimes combined with a twist of their innovation creating signature dishes. If the signature dish clicks with the customers, then all that the restaurant has to do is build up further on the menu and provide consistent good service.

Restaurants face immense competition today for a number of reasons; to begin with is the transformation of the ambiance to fine dining and the willingness of the people to try to something new. Sticking to the monotonous food choices at the same old restaurants is not in vogue- what people crave today is innovative dishes. Dishes which would ensnare the senses and bring back the joy of eating out.

Restaurants have upped their efforts in order to bring back the customer inflow as it was before, the new levels of competition in the culinary world have done little to take away the stress. Anytime a restaurant with a fancy names opens up in or around the town, it is a race to be the one of the first few privileged ones to have tried and tasted the cuisines and then being able to post reviews.

Soft launches tend to get maximum media and social media coverage which adds more glitz and glamour to the status of the restaurant. With all the best marketing strategy set to create a trend, the true status of the restaurants only come when the dust has settle down. A restaurant which has emerged successful and is still continuing down the road is Xander’s.

Address: E-Street, Block 4, Clifton.
Phone: 021-35293653-54 and 0322-9037777
Email: xanderscafe@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xanderscafe

It is a modern Gourmet café where the food is all about simple fresh ingredients incorporated together to create light meals in a vibrant environment. Specialty at Xanders is the all-day breakfast from 8 am till 12 am. Must haves from the breakfast menu is the cheddar cheese omelet and the pumpkin pecan waffle.

If one has sweet tooth in the morning and the undying love for French toast then Xanders is the best place to head too; French toasts are stuffed with raspberry coulis and a dollop of sour cream. French toasts were never better- the French will surely fall for this new innovation.

If it is a hot summer afternoon then a Caesar salad and home smoked chicken sandwich with a chilled cooler is the right choice. The food served at Xanders is prime and at par with what they proclaim to be, living up to the mentioned standards. Sinfully good and the best dessert is the Double chocolate brownie served with a huge scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a sugar net ball.

Give Xanders a try and you will not be disappointed!

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