Yaki – The Best of Asia

If you have got fed-up by seeing your friends who have flooded social media by adventures in abroad having Thai, Chinese and Japanese food. You will also dream to explore those lip-smacking and succulent Asian food, Right?

Then Yaki is the perfect and most suitable place where real Pan Asian cuisine is available. It is a contemporary restaurant in town ensuring high quality food with skilled operators. This eating house strives hard to offer the most authentic Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine under one roof. They collect finest ingredients from all over the world to give a special aroma and taste to their menu. Sharp taste buds, International Asian food experience and irresistible ambiance is the quintessential trademark of Yaki.

Yaki Dine in is incorporating multi-civilization food, uniting different cooking styles to present the best quality food. It gives opportunity to experience live Teppanyaki cooking! Which is the specialty of this eatery, it sounds yummillicious! Customers feel pleasurable by watching live cooking and they captured these dramatic and artistic moments. For those who are new to Japanese food, Teppanyaki is a dual of two words. The word ‘teppan’ means iron griddle and ‘yaki’ decodes to broiled or grilled. Teppanyaki states to Japanese dishes which are classically cooked by using a large iron griddle by using high quality ingredients to ensure the quality food. Culinary artist used to have required utensils and elements lined on the borders of the grill and cook in front of diners skillfully and theatrically with fascinating speed.

Typical food drawn from Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine shared with Pakistani cultural appetite gives an eruption of taste, aroma and satisfaction. It ranges from thick and chunky soups, extremely appetizing salads, quick and temporary starters which is the small need of big starvation, hot and instantly cooked Noodles, lip smacking main courses, delectable & appealing sea food to the melting and mouthwatering sushi.

Do you want to make your functions and ceremonies more appealing and memorable? Yaki offers his customer to have live cooking by their professional and artistic cooks at events, which will mesmerize whole crowd with their theatrical moves. Moreover, Yaki also provides discount offers at weekends as well as in working days frequently to make customer more pleased & satisfied.

Address: 29-C, Main Khayaban-e-Seher, Phase 6, DHA Karachi, Pakistan
Contact Number: 0311-1119254
Email: info@yaki.pk
Website: http://www.yaki.pk
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/pg/yaki.com.pk/


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