Yoga Activity held at DA Nisar Shaheed Park

Defence Authority Nisar Shaheed Park is a beautiful and fascinating park which not only caters for recreational and health needs of residents but also serves as city’s lung breathing freshness and vitality. A large number of people visiting the park are seen walking, jogging and participating in refreshing activities like yoga exercises.

Yoga is a spiritual and ascetic discipline which includes breath control, simple meditation and adoption of specific bodily gestures which is widely practised for health and recreational purposes. A vibrant and exciting healthy activity of yoga exercises was held at Defence Authority Nisar Shaheed Park in which a large number of people including women and kids participated with great fun and enthusiasm. It was a vibrant, lively and exciting activity beneficial for all.

The yoga exercises held under the aegis of Health Society were conducted scientifically under the expert guidance of qualified instructors. The youth, women and children all doing healthy exercises together in harmony at the park presented a fascinating scene showcasing positive, healthy and forward looking culture of society. Acting Director Horticulture, DHA participated whole-heartedly in the activity.

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