YouTube Creators Workshop by Karachi Film School

How long should my videos be? How often should I upload? How many words should I put in the video description to optimize for search? How can I monetize my YouTube videos? These and many more questions are asked by online media creators and brands every day.

The KFS YouTube Creators Workshop will help you understand the basics of ‘content marketing’ in line with the “Four Essential Freedoms” that YouTube believes in: freedom of expression, freedom of information, freedom of opportunity, and freedom to belong.


The motto of Karachi Film School is “Less Theory. More Practice”.
Fortunately, this workshop is based on ‘activity-based learning’, and hands-on training rather than ‘talking’ about digital content.

As a result, the KFS YouTube Creators Workshop will provide you with a toolkit, and help you understand how to:

1. Apply for the YouTube Partner Program.
2. Find a “niche” for your future or current YouTube Channel.
3. Pitch the ‘magnetic’ content that resonates with your target audience.
4. Create a Content Strategy/Calendar for your YouTube Channel.
5. Write the ‘pilot’ program using a screenwriting software.

6. Set up the lights, sound and video camera.
7. Film/record your first video pilot.

8. Edit video, sound, text and graphics of your video pilot.
9. Upload and publish your first video content.
10. Walk Away with the Certificate of Participation & a Surprise Toolkit.

This is a three-day commitment:
August 29, 30, 31
6.00 PM – 9.00 PM

Single Student: PKR 7,500

Karachi Film School is introducing a unique model to meet the ever-increasing demand for scholarships. Now with their new Preferential
Fee Structure™ they would rather reward creative collaborators because, unlike fine art, content production is a collaborative effort. So, if you can find one or more like-minded partners, you’re off to a good start, both financially and professionally.

—Two Students: 12.5% Discount = PKR 11,250
⁠—Four Students: 25% Discount = PKR 22,500

Karachi Film School
35-C, Defense Market, Phase II, D.H.A, Karachi


Space is limited. Admissions will be granted on a first come first served basis, and a brief interview with the candidate.

The YouTube Creators Workshop is open to all creative people who can put in the hard work, and watch their creativity fetch steady rewards (social and financial) over a long period of time. (They don’t offer any “magic soup” or a “silver bullet” for making big money overnight. Sorry!)

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