Z’APA – Zubaida Apa’s Kitchenette

Years ago, women were simple housewives who stayed at home, cooked, cleaned and brought up children; thus sprang the concept of a perfect housewife. A woman would devotedly serve the family; her entire world would be the parameters of her house.

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Outings would be with the husband and children and that too seldom and the surprising part- women were the happiest beings. They seldom worried about the world outside, their cocoon was safe and secure. These women were neither oppressed nor were they unhappy because they were brought up with the same tradition.

As time flew by, once or twice the news of a woman working would reach the ears; many would scorn while some would be in favour. Nevertheless an idea to work or go out to enjoy began to grow. The idea for some liberty for women began to grow, parallel to education for them. Education was a catalyst which further sped up the process of liberty for women to work- women started working from home initially, but with the passage of time they stepped out in the man’s world to work.

Scorned upon initially for their blatant readiness to work either out of necessity or for making use of their talent or education, women began to place this aside and focus on their work. With the working women become an integral part of families in this era- the set up changed.

Women now worked, went out for enjoyment on their own without disrupting their devotion to their duties as a wife or mother. One such amazing woman who has become the face of the perfect eastern lady is Zubeida Apa. She is the epitome of how women can work; manage a home while being the perfect ladies. Thus a place with her symbolic cooking style has got to be a foodie haven.

Z’APA - Zubaida Apa’s Kitchenette - Badar Commercial Area - DHA Karachi

We proudly announce and highly recommend a new eatery on the block: Z’APA- Zubaida Apa’s Kitchenette.

While at Z’apa, people can unravel the South Asian flavours in an extraordinary meal reminiscent of home cooked food.

Address: No.2, 40-C, Street 10, Badar Commercial Area, Phase V-Ext., DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35244185-86
Website: http://zapakitchenette.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zubaidaapaskitchenette/

Zubeida Apa is the epitome of cooking, she has become the face for working women who can manage their homes and work together. Recipes by Zubeida Apa are followed by women all around the world. It would be fair to say; it is because of Zubeida apa that the flavours of desi South Asian cuisine have spread in homes across the world. Thus a restaurant serving food prepared by the best recipes from the legendary Zubeida Apa has got to be perfect.

The signature restaurant Z’APA is located at Badar Commercial Area. Z’APA is a quaint restaurant offering mouthwatering South Asian delicacies prepared to perfection with the right balance of taste and flavour. Z’APA is the change people are looking for when they opt to eat out. The town is abuzz with the soft launch of Z’APA kitchenette as celebrities flock to it. Quality and great flavour await every customer at Z’APA.

This weekend- make reservation at Z’APA and enjoy a hearty meal with the loved ones.

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