Zoreed Raza’s La Celebrators

Zoreed Raza’s La Celebrators is one of  the renowned addition in the domain of Event Management and Wedding Planning. Zoreed Raza being a Pakistani born, completed her education from New York & Europe in cosmetology, flower arrangement and different languages. Using her expertise, she laid the foundation of La Celebrators in 1998 which aims at providing all wedding planning solutions under one roof. Zoreed Raza is not only known as a successful wedding planner but a interior designer and decorator.

Her distinguished work has created a bench mark in the society which made her win the award of “The Outstanding Citizen of the Year” by Defence Housing Authority Association in Karachi and the “Best Wedding Planner” by the C.E.O. of WedAd. She has been in the highlights of different magazines and channels which termed her as a successful wedding planner.

Zoreed Raza’s La Celebrators focuses on Customer Satisfaction and Diversification which made them stand out in the industry. They take care of the minute details of your celebration to make it a perfect memorable event of your life. Zoreed Raza always try to fulfill your expectations whether its a wedding event or a Business gathering. Zoreed Raza’s La Celebrators provides the following services:

  • Wedding Planning and Layout
  • Complete Venue Decoration
  • Catering and Food Presentation
  • Bridal Stages with Specific Décor & Theme
  • Corporate Functions
  • Companies Product Launching and Inauguration
  • Film and Television Drama Set Designing
  • Consulate function
  • Advertisement Shoot
  • Flowers & Bridal Bouquets
  • Concert and Musical Events
  • Parties of Every Kind

Address: 26-B-1 (Off Khayaban-e-Shamsheer) Phase 5, D.H.A. Clifton Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact number: (92-21) 3-585-4877, 0300-925-3669 | U.K. (44) 7405-946-497
Website: www.shaadiarrangements.com.pkwww.lacelebrators.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ZoreedRazaLaCelebrators
E-mail: lacelebrators1@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. Haidar ali says:

    Aslamalekum mam,

    Em Haidar and I’ve been seen your extremely marvelous work in various magazines and sits. Em enough enthused to learn from you the excellence in doing such wonderful work in interior sindh.

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